Friday, August 04, 2006

Problem with PUTTY connection to SUSE9

When I tried to connect to SUSE9 via Putty from my windows 2000, for some reasons I kept getting the Access denied message. Since connecting from Cygwin is ok, then the problem should be on the Putty.

After searching for a while, here is how I fixed the connection issue:
1. Update my Putty to the latest version: 0.58.
2. Open Putty. Load the Saved Session to the SUSE server.
3. In the Category tree structure, go to: Connection -> SSH.
4. In the 'Preferred SSH protocol version', make sure '2 only' is selected.
5. Go back to your saved session page, and click the Saved button. This will save the configuration for future use.


Blogger Jack said...

Informative post! I followed the steps shared by you in sequence and completed it without any issue. You are great. Thanks!
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1/23/2013 12:13 AM  

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