Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Viva Opera

Opera browser is now version 9. I think this is the best ever release they ever have. One of my friends introduced me to Opera some 4 years ago, and it’s been my default browser ever since.

Here are the features I like most about Opera:
1. Session Saver.
The first thing that really made me use Opera is the Session Saver. They are the first and the best. When the OS hang, crash, or just accidentally closed, a simple restart gets all the pages back as they were left. This include auto scroll to the last paragraph that you were reading.

2. Trash Can
Trash Can works like Session Saver, but for the pages/tabs that you accidentally closed. Save me lots of trouble to get it back again from history.

3. Tabbed browsing
They are one of the first to support multi tab browsing. And version 9 even shows a thumbnail of the page when you run across the tabs. Very neat feature!

4. Build in Magnifying glasses
Have you ever been stuck with website that use extremely small fonts, and worse, not adjustable? Or the other extreme, where the fonts are so large my grandma can read it from 10m away? Well, Opera come to the rescue with the build in Magnifying glasses. With just 2 clicks, you can adjust the page from 20% to 1000%. This also includes all those div, object, and images.

5. Custom search engines
With version 9, adding a customized search engine to the toolbar is a breeze…

6. Transfer Manager
When downloading a file, the process automatically starts while you are choosing the directory to save. Thus very often the file is ready by the time you click the ‘Save’ button.

7. Notes
This is a Post-it note for your browser. You can leave comments/notes on a certain webpage, and they are linked with the original webpage. In a way, it works like advance bookmark.

8. Integrated
Once you install Opera, you are ready to go with all the functionalities. With Firefox, you still have to search and download all those extensions…

Don’t know about you, but Opera will be my default browser for a long time to come….


Blogger Jack said...

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